GIMP – Photoshop for FREE! Even Better!

Wilbur – The Gimp Mascot

GIMP – Graphic Image Manipulation Program is the open source equivalent of Photoshop for Free. For most people GIMP can do everything, and I mean everything you need. From photo re-sizing, re-sampling, changing colors, removing red eye, cropping, layering, making collages, converting from one type to another, and so much more. With all those options available it can be a bit overwhelming, however driving the space shuttle would also be overwhelming. So, target whatever you want to do and learn a few controls and features at a time. As with any good software, a bit of training can go a long way. The people who say “I will play with it and figure it out” will have varied degrees of success. For best results I recommend training, with someone who knows GIMP, with the GIMP site and GIMP Quickies, or YOUTUBE training videos.

So what are the cons you ask? Let me tell you the biggest con of all. Resistance to change makes people dream up problems.

Resistance to Any Change Holds People Back
and makes them  tell elongated he said,  she said stories usually from people who are so addicted to something else they will defend their positions whether they have any data or not. Additionally these are the people who refuse training, and want more features and believe they can figure it out, rather than watch a training video or even ask a question.  Then they say it is too hard to learn, (especially those  who say I will figure it out) and without any training or help reject the new program. This typically emanates from some one who loves (or loved) Photo Shop and had a bit of experience with photo shop, and does not find GIMP exactly like Photoshop and refuses to take even the most rudimentary training and goes back to their old horse. Without training both GIMP and Photo Shop are difficult to use. So get a bit of training and jump over those first few hurdles and enjoy the world favorite for Open Source Image Manipulation.

Now for the big deal. This software is FREE. Open Source and FREE.

Photoshop for Free – Not a Trial Version – Free
There is no Pro Version to upgrade, it is FREE for the world. You can Donate to the GIMP cause if you wish, it is optional, and a good idea too! This is what Open Source is all about.

Now here are some of the links to get to the GIMP program, GIMP Tutorials and a couple of GIMP Basic Training Videos too! Save hundreds of dollars GIMP is Photoshop for Free.

youtubeOn YOU TUBE there are so many helpful videos and training sessions. Pick Someone who goes at your pace in a tone that is pleasing to you. One size does not fit all. Different people like different teachers, some like to watch, some like to read, and some need a live teacher. Do whatever works for you. Here are some video picks for basic GIMP.

Remember GIMP is Photoshop for Free and YouTube has GIMP Training for Free.

GIMP Video Training Here!
GIMP Basics -Introduction + Beginner tutorial exercise (How to use GIMP)

GIMP Video Training Here!
How to edit an image in GIMP – Basics

GIMP Video Training Here!
Gimp Made Easy – Basic Tutorial – 1 of 3

GIMP Video Training Here!
Beginner Photo Editing Basics Tutorial – Gimp

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