Linkedin – One Million Connections!

Linkedin-logoImagine … everyone wants a million connections, a million friends, and a million a month flowing in effortlessly. Many search for the magic bullet, secret tip, little know tidbit of knowledge, ultimate marketing plan that will overnight skyrocket them into the number one position on the internet. Fame and fortune can be yours, says the ad, just click here and give us your credit card and we will turn you into an instant success. Just follow our simple directions.

Have any of you ever heard any of these claims? Have any of you pulled out your credit card and purchased one of these? Those of you who said no, probably did not understand the question, or just landed on the last interplanetary shuttle.
I think that all of us want to succeed a bit more, earn a bit more, help your family a bit more, pay for college, or maybe help a cause you love. What ever it is for you, I too want you to succeed. I have always wanted everyone to succeed, then we would all be surrounded by successes!
Meanwhile I meet, know, and encounter people who are wanting to improve their lot in life, whether it is to start a business, build a business, climb the corporate ladder a rung or two, or just sometimes just a job! They want to improve their lot in life. Sounds simple enough.
What is sad to me is the number of these people who have never taken LINKEDIN seriously! No matter what the status of your life or work situation, LINKEDIN is one of the foundational items for a continuing career. Many firms use LINKEDIN as a reference point to get a picture of the applicant or candidate, or businessperson. This particular article is not comprehensive. Today I am only talking about LINKEDIN. So please withhold comments about the hundreds of other things to do (Thanks in advance).
With all that said here are my recommendations for everyone, be it job hunters, or established professional, small businesses or large businesses, it makes no difference to me!

Install a complete background. I was working with one CEO and he listed jobs all the way back to his paper route! I thought about it and although at first Ithought not, then later concluded that it was a good idea. Share it all. It is what got you to here, it would come up in normal conversation, and with the internet you really can’t hide very much.

Add Skills and Expertise that reflect where you are going!
Get a good current Photo. Get a professional photo if you can.
Add Education that is complete. Include additional seminars that relate to what you are doing / have done.
Connect with people. Connect with coworkers from current and past jobs. Connect with people from your schools.
Make recommendations for others. Sincere and simple recommendations for others is a good ongoing practice.
Fill in as much as you can in the Additional Information section. I got word the other day that one very large company, when hiring has so many qualified candidates applying, that they just go to the Additonal section to see how well rounded you are! What a tip that was!
I also like the Reading List application, by Amazon. You can list books you have read and add comments about them. It is another insight into people when you see what they are / have been reading.
Well I think I have rattled on enough in this post.
Bottom line – Fill it out completely and and update it regularly until you are excited about the quality of you data. Become the person you would hire! And Ask yourself this question — Would you hire the person described in this LINKEDIN profile?